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Prof. Balázs Újfalussy

Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Budapest, Hungary

Balazs Ujfalussy received his PhD in 1993 from Eötvös University, Budapest. He was a visiting scientist at the Technical University of Vienna, Austria, the University of Bristol, England and for seven years he was a research fellow at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the USA. His research interests are related to the electronic states of metals and alloys in the normal and superconducting state, and the modelling of magnetic states in condensed matter from first principles. He is the head of Department of Theoretical Solid State Physics at the Wigner Research Centre for Physics and also a head of a research group. A winner of several awards at home and abroad, including the IEEE Gordon Bell Prize and the EU Descartes prize. He served as the general secretary of the Roland Eötvös Physical Society and still an active member of the governing board.